When installing radio components there are always favourable and less favourable installation sites.

Principally the transmitter and receiver should be positioned in a straight line (shortest possible route) where direct transmission is not obstructed by brick walls or other insulating materials, or if so only negligibly. Only this way signal-fading, affecting the range of your system, can be kept to a minimum.

You may use the following values as a guide:

Material Range
Air/free field 100%
Wood, plasterboard 80% - 95%
Brick, cement 60% - 90%
Reinforced concrete 10% - 50%
Metal sheeting/metal trellis 0% - 10%

Do not install the receiver or the antenna on the back of metal surfaces or in recesses/corners, because this produces frequency shadows. Frequency shadow means that the signals are not received directly but at best indirectly through reflections. Rod antenna or antenna cording and the electronic receiver units of the ELDAT radio control systems form an ideal optimized unit. Changes such as e.g. extensions, reductions, bending can reduce the quality of reception, in some cases quite considerably.

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