The call receiver RCL07 signals incoming calls by switching a relay output according to the programmed operating mode.

If the acknowledgment function is activated, calls can be acknowledged via a button on the device or conveniently with a separate radio transmitter.

Weak batteries from learned radio transmitters are signaled via the second relay contact.

The call function can be locked for 15 minutes or even unlimited with the external control buttons, for example to avoid false alarms during daily care or when not in use.

The RCL07 is programmed exclusively via the internal operating buttons, so that accidental reprogramming is precluded.

Technical specifications
Coding Easywave
Up to 32 call transmitters, 8 acknowledgment transmitters and 8 switch transmitters can be programmed.
Frequency 868,30 MHz
Channels 2
Power supply 12-24 V DC
Power consumption 12V DC:
19 mA stand by
65 mA load (both relays are switched)

24 V DC:
11 mA stand by
31 mA Last load (both relays are switched)
Operating modes PULSE (1 second)
ON/OFF (2-button operation)
Functions call function
acknowledgment function
maintenance function
switch-off function
battery undervoltage analysis
Outputs 2 potential-free relay contacts
1x changeover contact: call
1x normally open contact: battery undervoltage
Maximum contact load DC: 30 V / 1 A / 30 W
Protection degree IP54 (with installed ø 5,30mm cable)
Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions 35 x 80 x 20 mm
Color white similar to RAL 9003
Scope of delivery
  • Call receiver
  • Operating manual
Product numbers Description
RCL07E5002B02-02K Call receiver, Easywave, 12-24VDC, potential-free, IP54, batttery low, internal programming, white
Wiring diagram