The RTS03 built-in transmitter is a battery-powered transmitter module that can be connected up to zero potential, standard buttons or switches that are available commercially. Buttons or switches converted in this way are able to control Easywave receivers.

The RTS03 can be connected up to a total of four buttons or two switches.

This built-in transmitter is ideal if existing switch ranges need to be left intact.

Technical specifications
Coding factory coding with Easywave telegram
Frequency 868,30 MHz
Channels 4
Transmission duration max. 36 seconds
Range typically 150 m in good free-field conditions
Power supply 1x 3V-battery, CR2032
Operation via connected button/switch
Function depends on the receiver (see models)
Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions 37 x 30 x 10 mm (without cable)
Weight 12 g (including battery)
Scope of delivery
  • Built-in transmitter
  • Battery
  • Operating manual
Product numbers Description
RTS03E5004B04-27P Built-in transmitter, Easywave, 4x PULSE / 2x ON/OFF, 36 seconds
Wiring Diagrams

Button connection
Switch connection
Blind control button connection